What Is My Color? A Guide to Finding Your Most Flattering Color

The world is full of beautiful colors. According to researchers, the human eye can distinguish 100 shades of red-green, 100 shades of yellow-blue, and about 1000 levels of light.

That means, in theory, there are over 10 million possible colors that the eye can appreciate. That’s a whole lot of wardrobes.

But what is my color? Red might be your favorite but is the most flattering on you? Read ahead for our guide to discovering your colors.

Color My Closet

Even if we narrow it down to colors with actual names, there are still about 1640. Suddenly, your closet feels a little less complete.

Instead of diving further into the science of color, let’s talk about how to stay on top of the fashion trends for 2020.

What Is My Color?

What color looks best on me? This is a question many of us have asked ourselves and to our most trusted fashion advisors.

However, when it comes to fashion, what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. Your friends might look fierce in red but do you feel like the look falls flat on you?

It’s not so much that you can’t pull it off. But maybe there are other colors that would suit you better.

Pick the Best Colors For Skin Tone

If you’re not sure what color to go with, a good place to start is by determining your skin tone. 

Note than we are referring to warmer vs cooler tones. People with lighter or darker skin can fit into either category. Some of us have more of a neutral tone.

Remember, there endless combinations of skin and hair and eye colors. No two people are exactly alike and there is nothing absolute about fashion and design.

How To Determine Your Skin Tone

Generally, speaking people with cooler skin have a more bluish tint while a warm skin tone is more yellowish.

Here are some quick and easy ways of determining the warmth of your skin tone. If you find that you don’t seem to go either way in these tests, you likely have a neutral skin tone.

Jewelry Test

Maybe if you aren’t sure what color suit you best. But you know what kind of jewelry looks good on you. Does gold or silver look better on you?

If you haven’t done the test, you can do it with a piece of gold jewelry or fabric and one piece of silver fabric and/or jewelry.

If gold looks better with your hair and eyes, you probably have a warmer skin tone. If you’re on the colder side, you probably have more silver jewelry.

Get Some Sun

Take this opportunity to go for a long walk on a sunny day. Maybe even go to the beach if you are fortunate enough to be able to.

The way your skin reacts is indicative of what kind of skin tone you have. Do you get that California tan or an Irish sunburn?

As you might expect, warm skin tones tend to tan, while cool skin turns pink or red.

Look At Your Wrists

Are you cold-blooded or hot-blooded?

If possible, check to see if you have any visible veins somewhere in your body. This could be in your wrists, legs, or elsewhere. Some people simply have more easy to see veins than others.

Veins in people with cool tones will look purply-blue. Warm skin can make the veins look more greenish or amber and they may be harder to spot altogether.

What Colors Look Best on Me?

Now, that you know how to determine your skin tone.

As you may have guessed by now, your color might be best determined by your skin tone. 

Use this guide to pick the colors that need to be in your wardrobe (other than black because that looks amazing on anybody).


You’re cool as ice but don’t get it twisted. You’ll set the scene on fire with the right combinations. Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, and Chris Evans can be celebrity inspirations for those on the cooler side of the spectrum.

Other cool colors can be your go-to’s. Try lavender emerald or forest green, sapphire, or royal blue. Why do you think Chris looks so good in that Captain America suit?

If you want to add some heat, try pink or darker white. Neutral tones, like navy blue and grey are also a safe bet. Just avoid bright yellows and oranges.


If you fall in the middle, it’s pretty safe to say you have neutral-colored skin à la Jessica Roberts.

Try softer, more neutral colors like light peach and peony pink instead of cerise or hot pink. Also, try jade green, taupe, and vanilla.

Again you’ll want to avoid harsh yellow. Many bright reds might clash as well.


One of the great things about warm-toned skin is that you tan well. Think of Jessica Alba and, of course, Beyonce.

Remember those brights yellows and oranges we mentioned? People with warm-toned skin look dazzling in warm, bright colors. Try red and honey-gold as well.

Certain greens, blue, and purples can work too but as long as they are warmer shades. The colder shades should generally be avoided. The jewel-tone color (ruby, sapphire etc.) are classic examples of cold colors.

What Colors Should I Wear?

What is my color? Your color is whichever one makes you feel empowered and beautiful. However, finding that special tone isn’t always so easy.

It takes a little bit of trial and error but, once you find it, you’ll never worry about figuring out what colors to wear.

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